Lipomas on back

Lipomas services offered in Trumbull, Westport and Derby, CT

If you notice a slow-growing, soft lump under your skin, it could be a lipoma. Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists in Trumbull, Westport, and Derby, Connecticut, the skilled dermatology team can remove lipomas that bother you or feel painful. Call the Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists office to schedule an evaluation, or use the online booking feature today.

Lipomas Q & A

What are lipomas?

Lipomas are fatty lumps of tissue under your skin and underlying muscle that move around when you place pressure on them. They aren’t harmful or cancerous, but you might not like the way a lipoma looks or feels. See the team at Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists if you notice new or unusual skin bumps or lumps.

What are the symptoms of lipomas?

The symptoms associated with lipomas include:

  • Small lumps
  • Bumps in the neck, back, abdomen, or shoulders
  • Lumps in your thighs or arms
  • Fatty, doughy bumps
  • Painful lumps
  • Swelling

Lipomas are usually less than 2 inches in diameter, but they can grow larger when left untreated.

What are the risk factors for lipomas?

The cause of lipomas isn’t entirely clear, but they tend to run in families. Some factors that increase your risk of lipomas include genetics and being between 40-60 years old. However, lipomas can appear at any age.

How are lipomas diagnosed?

To determine if a lump is a lipoma, your Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists provider reviews your medical history, asks about your symptoms, and completes a physical exam. 

They may take a tissue sample (biopsy) and send it to a lab for evaluation. Sometimes your dermatologist orders an MRI, CT scan, or X-ray to determine if a bump or lump is a lipoma or something else. For example, some cancerous tissues, called liposarcomas, resemble noncancerous lipomas. 

How does my dermatologist treat lipomas?

While you usually don’t need treatment for a lipoma, the Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists team can remove it if it bothers you. They can numb the treatment area, cut out affected tissues, and close the incision afterward. 

To find out if a lump is a lipoma or to have a bothersome bump removed, call the Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists office or use the online booking tool today.