Annual Skin Cancer Screenings

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Annual Skin Cancer Screenings services offered in Trumbull, Westport and Derby, CT

Annual skin cancer screenings can detect cancer long before you notice it and can lead to more effective treatment due to its early detection. The expert dermatologists at Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists in Trumbull, Westport, and Derby, Connecticut, provide annual skin cancer screenings for adults at risk of skin cancer. To learn more about the screening process and how it works, call Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists or book an appointment online today.

Annual Skin Cancer Screenings Q & A

What are annual skin cancer screenings?

Skin cancer screenings are brief tests that search for early signs of cancer on your skin. As the most common form of cancer, skin cancer can show up and worsen on your skin for a long time without your knowledge. 

A professional skin cancer screening at Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists typically involves a full-body visual exam. This includes every part of your body, including the places you couldn’t see on your own without a mirror. The team looks for signs of skin cancer, such as new lesions or moles changing in color, shape, or size. 

The team also teaches you how to examine your own skin and what to look for when it comes to skin cancer. If you see something of concern, make an appointment at Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists right away. 

Who needs to get annual skin cancer screenings?

You should start having skin cancer screenings at Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists sometime in your 20s. Most people should get professional skin cancer screenings once every three years in their 20s and 30s, but after 40, you should start getting one every year. 

More frequent skin cancer screenings may be recommended if you:

  • Have fair skin 
  • Get sunburned easily
  • Have a family history of skin cancer
  • Have had skin cancer in the past

And, of course, you should book an appointment for a thorough skin examination if you ever detect new lesions on your skin or see changes to a mole. 

What should I expect from annual skin cancer screenings?

When you visit Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists for a skin cancer screening, the team examines every part of your skin for unusual lesions and marks, including the hard-to-reach areas like your scalp and the spaces between your fingers and toes. They may use a tool called a dermascope to get a closer look. 

For any particularly suspicious lesions, the team might suggest a biopsy. During a biopsy, they remove a sample of skin and send it to a lab for closer examination and testing. They get back to you with the results in a week or two. Depending on the biopsy results, they let you know if you need to come in for further treatment. 

For more information about annual skin cancer screenings and the types of cancer they can detect, call Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists or schedule your next screening online today.